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magazine interview had clearly

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s, 1.4 assists and 4.8 steals. Loew in a recent interview with "GQ" magazine interview had clearly revealed himself to enjoy playing in Minnesota, compared to the Lakers, he is more willing to stay here."We all feel that  nike air max thea womens   I have no reason to stay in Minnesota." Loew said, "I'm not saying bad things about the Lakers, but compared to them, the Timberwolves stronger, better prospects for the future. And now I am enjoying the feeling of playing here . "Loew California who graduated from UCLA and the University. His uncle Mike - Love is California's famous band "Beach Boys" members, his current girlfriend is also the locals. Los Angeles has a unique advantage and climate, resources, entertainment, etc., has been a favorite sectors athletes. But the idea of joining the Lakers for Loew clearly not so excited.Loew will be at the end of 2014-15 season to become an unrestricted free agent, he will be one of the big free-most watched summer of 2015.The Lakers have entered the period of reconstruction, so far this season, their record is only 18 wins, 35 losses, Loew natural join such an incomplete team is not interested. The media pointed out in the interview should be noted that Loew is now in use, so this probably does not mean he will not consider the future of the Lakers.Minnesota is currently 25 wins and 28 losses, from a playoff spot also has some distance. While Loew has so far failed to accomplish something in the playoffs, but the Timberwolves several key players are relatively young, 23-year-old Rubio, Pekovic 28 years, Brewer is only 27 years old. In contrast, the Lakers have Kobe Bryant with 35 years of renewal for two years, a lot of people think that this is not a wise choice. Lakers Rockets game is about to start, Dwight - Howard is ready to return to the Staples Center, where the face had never really accepted his Lakers fans. ESPN experts JA-Adande author believes that between 


Howard and the Lakers do not match so that not many are willing to take it as a media stir the topic. Even Lakers fans rarely have an obsession for Howard, played only one season where he did not take root. Howard's hard to say you made a wrong choice, the Rockets are now ranked third in the West, and this season, Bryant played only 177 minutes. Rockets have ushered in seven-game winning streak, while the lake personnel suffered seven straight at home.During the All-Star Kobe Bryant said he was not a good person to get along, he said:. "For any thirst for victory and I do not like people, and I worked with all kind of suffering."Adande believes Bryant though not named, but it is possible that he was referring to Howard. In fact, two of them had just become teammates, ready to play before the first game, it had already been foreshadowed.Howard was sitting in the locker room, wearing only underwea nike air max tn uk   r in an interview. Bryant walked into the locker room to put on shirts ready to go pitch.Howard asked him: "  Game to start yet," Bryant quipped:. "I do not want to sit here wearing underwear."Their very different personalities destined to not get along, the Lakers will be more bad chemical reaction. D'Antoni was asked during an interview today in this season's game against Houston and Howard had no AC, Dan handsome half in jest, said:. "Previously would not, and now there will not be."The Lakers should learn lessons from the dissolution of a combination of OK, then they deceive themselves Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal can tolerate each other, even took the title. But Howard did the damage for the Lakers so much. Howard did not destroy the Lakers, the Lakers did not hurt his career. Perhaps the dialogue between the two sides should stop here, more than just words. According to the U.S. reporters this - Duncan Hunter interview when asked yesterday about the topic of his retirement. Duncan replied: "I want


 to know George - Karl is talking to whom (ie, from whom Carl get the message) this (retirement) is not something I am now considering.."George Karl - is revealed to retire Duncan message when ESPN Sports Center to participate in a program of interviews, he said he heard that Duncan will retire at the end of the season."You know, this past weekend, I heard some rumors, I received a few phone calls, including one from San Antonio, and phone content that is Tim - Tim Duncan is considering as the season is the last season of his career , "Carl said yes."Duncan is the history of the NBA's most traditional big man, his departure would make me very, very sad. Saw no Duncan Spurs, I would really difficult subject, it is difficult to look at their game."Duncan's salary this season is $ 10.4 million, $ 10.36 million next season, but he has a player option, it all depends on whether or not to perform his own.The - Hunt was yesterday Clippers VS Spurs Duncan's interview after the game, the game Duncan played 38 minutes, 19 points, 13 rebounds, 7 assists excellent data. The Spurs beat the Clippers 113-103 final.While the NBA for 16 seasons, but you can see it, and now 37-year-old Duncan has maintained a high level of competition, this season, the Knicks have to trade negotiations with the Clippers, the Knicks plan to  asics gel noosa tri 6 uk  send Shu main frame Bert and Felton, for the Clippers point guard Collison and swingman Brock. Dudley's name also appears in the negotiations, but if he enters the transaction, so the two sides can not be equal salaries.Currently, negotiations between the two sides have not yet entered the stage of depth, but one insider said, the parties may complete the transaction, since last Saturday, the two sides have been conducting negotiations. It is said that the Clippers are not willing to give up Bullock after Reddick injury sidelined indefinitely, Brock will assume greater responsibility. However, 


basketball team lost four games

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basketball team lost four games, he contrasts the state before and after the injury is relatively large. Now, the Beijing men's basketball gambling is not really successful. In contrast, the main sponsor of the league Li  asics gel kayano 18 mens   Ning Company shrewd more. Prior to the season, Marbury was approached with Li Ning, the two sides reached an agreement ultimately failed. The reason that the negotiations "abortion", with Marbury's age are not unrelated. It can be said, back in the state after Marbury, will directly affect his commercial value. Although CCTV is now Marbury hit commercials, his photogenic rate is still high, but once you get on the court not the real thing, how many people will buy your account yet First-round playoff game system is 1-2-1-1, followed by two games, were held in Beijing Wukesong Stadium. From the perspective of the game, the last time for the Beijing men's basketball strikes is Sun Yue, Marbury completely lost, if he can not quickly get rid of the doldrums, Beijing men's basketball team may not have had the first round.In another first-round playoff game, the Guangdong Tigers men's basketball team on the road to 95:91 victory over Shanghai team, becoming the only team to win on the road in the first round of the team. NBA new season to continue, NBA Rookie of the latest official update standings, the Philadelphia 76ers - Michael Carter - Williams returned to the rookie championship, the Orlando Magic fell to second Oladipo, New York Knicks Hardaway With good performance rose to third. This week there have been two newcomers on the list, they are the Milwaukee Bucks Boston Celtics Waters and Nick O'Leary. "Thornton in the league has proven his ability to score," said in a statement Nets general manager Billy - Kim said, "He is a young talented player, he can give us in the backcourt help."After learning that being traded, Thornton also updated tweets, he wrote:. "Hello Brooklyn, 



thanks to the king, and self-love I arrived the first day it was the Sacramento Kings fans."According to insiders revealed that the first choice is the Nets guard Jack Knight, but Knight and do not want to take over Terry's contract, the Nets can only transfer target to chase Thornton. This season, the Kings Thornton was not good, but the Nets hope he can give the team to help change the environment.This season, Thornton averaged 8.3 points, shooting just 38.1%. But the 2010-11 season, he averaged 21.3 points under H, then a season scoring average reached 18.7 points.While Thornton has slipped this season data, but compared to Terry, he's in the Nets still considered upgrades because Terry this season rather poor performance in the 35 games he averaged only 4.5 points. As for Evans, 6-foot-8 Evans ability to   nike air max 2012 womens  snatching rebounds known for his contribution this season, averaging 2.7 points and five rebounds last season, he averaged 11.1 rebounds grabbed.After saying good-bye Evans, the Nets inside thickness decreased, but insiders revealed that they have FLAC, they are doing everything to complete the transaction with the Lakers, with a value of $ 5,250,000 in exchange for the injury exception inside Jordan - Greece Seoul.While Hill will get salary increases pressure on the team, but the Nets still are ready to complete the deal. The problem is that the Lakers did not decide to Hill gave the Nets, the Mavericks learned that the sun is the GreekSeoul is interested in the Nets face of strong competition.Hill this season, D'Antoni men playing time hard to get a stable, high efficiency of his performance, but rare to reuse. Hill said he wanted to stay with the Lakers, but he wanted to play a more important role. However, the insider 



also revealed that negotiations between the two sides have not yet risen to the level of serious, because the two sides could not reach an agreement on the trade body frame.It is reported that the main obstacle to the deal is that the Celtics want to get the last two seasons pandemic Chandler - Parsons, but insiders revealed that the Rockets have a clear answer Celtics, they were not ready Rondo trading case sent Parsons.All along, the Celtics are firmly denied intentionally Rondo away before the trade deadline, the whole season, there is a strong indication that Celtic boss Groesbeck want to let Rondo to stay in Boston, giving him time to establish good relations with the rookie coach Stevens. Today, the state is still in serious injuries after Rondo recovery phase, his status has not been restored to its previous level.However, since taking office Rockets general manager Daryl Morey every year since the trade deadline, he always points to sudden movement, to complete the transaction, we all know, Morey on Rondo coveted, they desperately want Rondo One bit upgrade.It is reported that the Rockets would like to come up with draft picks and young talent in addition to Parsons to trade outside the Rondo, chips including Beverly Jones, Motel Yunus, of course, toting inside Asik poison contract.Rockets trade negotiations with Celtic to be optimistic, primarily because Morey with Danny - ShenDu nike air max 2012 mens   between Angie, Angie year Morey is in the hands of groups operating in the Celtic uniform potency, which makes between the parties trade negotiations easier.However, if the Rockets are determined not to send Parsons, it depends on whether the Celtics are willing to send Rondo, leaving Rondo, or negotiate with other teams deal with the Rockets also re-structure the transaction or proposal it all depends on Angie's decision.This season, Rondo played only 10 games, averaging 27.2 minutes played, 9.8 points 7.1 rebound


r consecutive games of at least

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r consecutive games of at least 35 points. James, James, this is also a career 40 50th 40, he became active together with Kobe Bryant has had at least 50 players in the field of 40 players performance. James, in his first 816 career games do this, and Kobe Bryant is in the morning to 157 games in his first 659 career games hasasics gel kayano 18 womens   contributed 50 times 40. In addition, James also joined Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson, the NBA and ABA since the merger, before the age of 30 can get 50 times 40 players.Also in the game's final seven minutes and 30 seconds, James 4 of 6, a person's score (12 points) more than the Mavericks team (11 points), the Mavericks hit only 14 shots and three goals. James in the fourth quarter and overtime scoring efficiency (36.8 points per 40 minutes to get) is the highest among all players this season, but also his career-high heat. In the fourth quarter and overtime, his shooting percentage reached 57%."Just want to play aggressive," when James said in an interview after the game, "This is the second half (all-star game) in the first game, I think a good beginning." Yahoo NBA expert Werner Pawlowski reported The Lakers and Warriors have reached a deal with the Lakers point guard Steve - Blake swap Kent - Moore and Bates had "little Kobe," said the horse still - Brooks.Blake is the time at the time, told the media on Wednesday night, he was dressed in civilian clothes left the Lakers training hall."Feelings really complicated, ah," Blake said, according to the "Los Angeles Times" reported. "The most difficult is my family, and now I want to leave them about four months time." Beijing this morning, NBA regular season to start many games of the competition, Parker and Duncan sidelined, scored 16 



points and 5 rebounds Ginobili led the Spurs to 111-109 win over the Trail Blazers, give the opponent three-game losing streak. Away 98-91 victory over the Knicks Pelican end 3-game losing streak, Anthony scored 42 points and 4 rebounds and 2 assists.The first section of the Spurs had 18 points, but the second quarter they enter the state. "Three King" Belinelli hit consecutive three-pointers, in this section there are 3 minutes and 24 seconds, the Spurs to 43-41 lead. After Green and Dior have also third succeeded, only half the Spurs to 51-52 behind.After three sessions, the Spurs still 79-81 behind. Fourth quarter, the Spurs 13-1 wave of attacks, in one fell swoop to 92-82 double-digit advantage. Blazers once in the match, but Belinelli and also with key third. Competition also 24.9 seconds, the Williams-thirds vote, the Blazers will recover as the score 104-107. Green hit two free throws, a pioneer in the game as well as 3.1 seconds after the Batum layup too, they are still three points behind. After Belinelli sank two free throws, Lillard hit a asics gel noosa tri 6 women's  record third, but the time has come to whistle, a pioneer unable to comeback.Other games, the Warriors team six double ,101-92 victory over the Kings to avoid losing streak; sun 100-94 win over the Celtics; Nets 105-99 Lectra jazz; Timberwolves 104-91 win over the Pacers; Wizards Away 114 -97 victory over the Eagles, gave opponents seven-game losing streak; Bulls 94-92 Away Raptors; Cavaliers 101-93 win over the Magic; Bobcats 116-98 home win over the Pistons, harvesting two-game winning streak. February 19, CBA playoffs, the highly anticipated 2011-2012 season overall champion Beijing men's basketball, on the road to defeat Zhejiang Guangsha basketball 110:113, with a total score of 0:1 behind. The history of the cattle known as CBA foreign aid Marbury, after the regular season last fight a quiz, the game 0-6 three-pointers, only surrendered 21



 points, four rebounds and three assists achievements single.The first five regular season, Marbury knee meniscus injury, more than two months after the rest, only in the first 29 comeback, but that injury, so his status greatly reduced. Taking into account Marbury has 37 years old, can not be compared with the 2011-2012 season, when the physical condition, and therefore the injury, will greatly affect his game, to return to the peak, the likelihood is relatively small.Let Beijing Basketball swallow is that before the season starts, they just signed a three-year contract with Marbury. Originally, the summer of 2012, Beijing men's basketball team with Marbury signed a two-year contract, but this is only the implementation of a year, the two sides reached an agreement, the contract will be terminated in the summer of 2013, re-signed a new contracts.Marbury hit now, with the NBA superstar Kobe Bryant iconic much alike! In November last year, NBA Lakers announced Bryant when he was 35 years old to renew for two years, with a total contract value of up to $ 48.5 million. At the time, Bryant's injury situation is more optimistic about the recovery, the Lakers also think his dominance on the pitch and market appeal deserves this offer. Who knows, after Bryant comeback, not quite find the feeling, it re-enters the injured list.This season, the Lakers record is abysmal, the management is brewing nike air max tn trainers  redevelopment plan. However, under the "cap" on the premise that they give such a high contract Bryant would undermine their competitiveness in the market, it is difficult to attract an all-star level player. Bryant's injury repeatedly, presumably Lakers management a little regret it The reason why 37-year-old basketball dare Beijing Marbury signed three-year contract, simply want to gamble, they gamble Marbury within three years can have a healthy body. Marbury comeback after seven games, Beijing men's 

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